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Autism Tree

practical knowledge to nurture your child’s potential.

Announcing: Supportive, One-Stop Membership Site That Makes Living With Autism Easier...

"Discover Effective Methods To Maximize The Potential of A Loved One With Autism..."

It's The Greatest Gift You Can Give Them For The Future...

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From Rachel Evans
Author: Essential Guide To Autism & Essential Guide To Asperger's Syndrome

Hello, my name is Rachel Evans, and in the next few moments I am going to share with you how you can expand your knowledge of autism and learn methods that can dramatically increase the potential of someone with autism.

Plus, information on current treatment options to help you make the right decision for your loved one.

But why am I sharing this information...?

Well before I answer that lets cover some the the key areas those whose lives are touched by Autism are facing...

"Autism – Now a Worldwide Epidemic!"

Recent studies have shown that there is currently a worldwide autism 'epidemic'.

In fact, more than 1.5 million people have autism in the United States alone, with one in every 150 children diagnosed. Here are some additional autism statistics:

  • Families with one autistic child have a 2 to 8 percent chance of having another autistic child

  • Boys are three or four times more likely to be diagnosed with an ASD
  • (autism spectrum disorder)
  • In terms of developmental disabilities, autism is the third most common (only mental retardation and cerebral palsy rank ahead of it)

  • Autism occurs more often than childhood cancer or cystic fibrosis

  • Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability. In the U.S., autism increased by 172% during the 1990s.

  • When autism is detected and treated early, costs associated with the disorder can be reduced by 66%.

It's true that early detection and early treatment are the two key factors in improving the life of the person who has autism--

-- but too often parents get bogged down in confusion about this condition, and are unable or unaware of the necessary steps to take.

"Children with Autism Face Unique Educational, Social & Communication Challenges..."

To reduce the challenges your loved one with autism faces, special educational planning and implementation is necessary.

As with treatment, education must be individualized to address your child's needs and to help him or her develop skills that may be lacking.

Then as your child becomes an adolescent, a whole new set of challenges arise.

While these challenges include the normal issues every parent of a teenager faces, they are complicated autism.

Autistic teenagers can have difficulty communicating with their peers, but at the same time, they often (naturally) want to pull away from their parents.

This can leave them with no one at all to talk to. They also have the issue of raging hormones, but often the inability to understand or appropriately manage sexual behaviors.

"Raising A Child With Autism Brings New Challanges To Your Family... You Must Be Prepared..."

Living with autism also brings added stress to the entire family.

Siblings may sometimes feel as though their own needs aren't being met or are just not seen as being as important in comparison to the needs of their autistic sibling.

Couples may find their lives revolving around the care of their autistic child and find it impossibe to spend time, which can cause the breakdown of the relationship.

And, of course, there are financial stresses and concerns over the future of the autistic child.

In addition, people with autism have a normal life expectancy, so naturally plans must be made for their adult life.

Many adults with autism are able to lead fulfilling independent lives. They are able to hold jobs and participate in their communities.

To help them do so, parents must start planning for the transition to the working world early.

The child must be helped to find appropriate employment that incorporates his or her skills and interests, while keeping challenges associated with autism to a minimum.

But, let's clear this up now. A diagnosis of autism definately shouldn't be seen as a guarantee of a lesser life.

All you need is the right advice and instruction to ensure your autistic child is placed and stays on the right path...

So, this is what lead me to write my first two top selling downloadable books, "Essential Guide To Autism" and "Essential Guide To Asperger's Syndrome"...

But, even after writing these comprehensive books it was clear that there was an ongoing need for up-to-date and relevant Autism information -

Knowledge regarding Autism changes quickly, and to be an effective advocate for your loved one you need to stay informed.

When I surveyed the subscribers to my newsletter it confirmed that there was a need for a one-stop membership site...

Back in July 2007 I surveyed the customers and subscribers of my "Essential Guide To Autism Newsletter", in total there were over 11778 parents, professionals, family members, and people with autism...

The results of the survey highlighted the most important challenges those living with Autism are facing....

And effectively solving those problems was the reason Autism Tree was developed.

So, What Exactly Is Autism Tree?

Autism Tree is a unique membership site developed to provide all the strategies and information you need to maximize the potential of your loved one with Autism.

It brings together all the best and current autism information and resources into one easy to navigate site, saving you valuable time and energy.

"...Autism tree is that it is simply the best web site I have viewed & so easy to access my way around.
Keep up the good work."
Carol Watson, England

Added each month are comprehensive, easy to follow tips, tactics and strategies that can really make a difference for you and your family, including:

  • Easy to understand reviews of the most important research currently taking place, and how this can improve the life of a loved one.

  • Comprehensive tips and advice on dealing with REAL concerns like, "how do I get through to my child?", "how do I deal with tantrums and meltdowns?", "how do I explain to others about my child's autism?" and many other challenging topics.

  • Detailed reviews of the most effective treatment methods, so that you can understand the sometimes confusing interventions available and make informed decisions about treatment.

  • Personal stories from parents of children with Autism detailing how thay cope with day-to-day situations as they arise, including complex challenges like schooling, finding financing and sibling rivalry.

  • Along with the above, a useful diagnosis checklist has been compiled to help you spot autistic tendencies with a handy print out for easy identification.

  • There's also the ever expanding library of multi-media presentations and videos that cover both basic and advanced methods.

  • In conjunction with, I've developed an store that includes many books, educational software and toys...
    Don't miss the top 5 books recommended by the survey respondents. Find out what others living with Autism have on their bedside table.

  • You'll have exclusive access to Autism Tree's ever growing list of resources, so that you can instantly find whatever autism information you need. No more wasting precious time searching the internet and coming up empty handed...

  • The ability to comment on every entry and seek other members ideas and thoughts - Autism Tree is your membership site and your opinions count.

By joining Autism Tree you will have access to a continually updated and growing site with all the latest Autism information and resources.

Click here to see a list of some of the content you'll get immediate access to when you join Autism Tree.

Autism Tree has been designed as a "one stop" site so you no longer have to spend time searching through 100's of different sources to gather the vital information you need...

AND Autism Tree allows YOU to dictate the direction your membership takes. A simple polling system is available for you to vote on the topics and areas of interest you would like researched...

Meaning you ALWAYS get the latest information you need.

Essentially, I want you to regard Autism Tree as your own personal autism research, reference and resource site, giving you ALL the strategies and information you need to maximize the potential of your loved one with autism.

It's a place where you can share ideas, find out what's worked for other families and discover new ways to help your loved ones.

"I Think Autism Tree is a wonderful resource. It's Easy to use and the information offered is great..."
Debbie Huey - TN

So, How Can You Join?

For just a small investment of only $9.95 per month - which is around the same price as TWO Starbucks 20oz Latte's ($4.48 each) - you can join Autism Tree and gain exclusive access to the latest autism information, personal stories, tips and practical advice to help maximize the potential of a loved one with autism...

However, as a Newsletter subscriber, I wanted to give you something extra special... So for the first 30 days you get access to Autism Tree for just a $1 - If you are not thrilled with your membership you can cancel your subscription at any time..

Access your membership right now through the secure PayPal subscription link below.

For Immediate Access To Autism Tree - Click Here...

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I look forward to welcoming you to Autism Tree.

Your Friend.

P.S. Remember, Autism Tree is your one-stop membership providing you with all the vital Autism information you need!

"This is fantastic! I have found your newsletter and blogs to be so helpful in the past (in fact I wouldn't have persued a better diagnosis for my daughter without your help). I love having all of the information in one site, just a click away..."
Kim Shartzer

"I just looked at your is Awsome! I feel so priviliged to have my story on there... thank you..."
Jennie Beeton

"The site is phenomenol! I truly appreciated All the effort you have put into it... Please keep up the good work! It is helpful to so many people!"
Kristen S